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Holiday Parties

It’s time for Christmas Holiday Parties.

holiday party at homeWe have all the equipment you could want to make your party a fun time with lights, audio, video, cameras and turn tables.  We are really getting into the mood.  We even made a video for you to view.  Having a Christmas Party or New Years Party can be fun when you have all the great music and lights to keep the mood going for dancing.   The family can join in too.  Kids will love hearing the old favorite songs.  Family will be all smiles and maybe we can even do some KARAOKE singing.  Let’s Do It,  Let’s Party.

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Holiday Party Equipment Rentals

Holiday Party Equipment RentalsHoliday Party Equipment Rentals

It’s time to start planing your holiday parties and the equipment rentals that you will need.  It’s October and you have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah, and then New Years Eve.  So now is the time to start planning and reserving your party equipment rentals.  You may want to have audio and video equipment reserved for any of these holiday events.

We can custom create a package of DJ equipment, Turntables, Speakers, Wired Microphones, Mic Stands, CD players, Video Projectors, Full Room Lighting and Trusses,  for your special party.  Just let us know how many people you anticipate and the size of your location.  We can custom create a complete package that will suit your needs and your budget.

Don’t forget to include a Document Camera in your Party Equipment Rental List.  You want to document the entire event.  We have all kinds of cameras to record every moment. We can set it up on a stand and just let it record.  You will be surprised how your party attendees will act in front of it.  If you want some one to handle the recording for you, we can arrange that for you or you can do it yourself.  Camcorders are easy to handle.

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4th of July Parties

4th of July Parties and Events

4th of July PartiesIt’s not too late to plan that special party for the 4th of July.  We have all the speakers, microphones, amplifiers, DJ equipment you could want.  We will bring the equipment, set it up and test it for you.  Maybe you are planning a Karaoke style party?  We have all types of karaoke equipment for rent.

Any size of party we can accommodate.  If you are planning a special event with a large crowd then you may need a larger set of lighting truss and hardware equipment.  Just let us know how many people you plan on having attend your event.  We can then give a custom quote for your event. Depending if your event is inside or outside, sometimes can determine the amount of equipment you may need.  So take that into consideration for the big picture of cost and planning.

IEAVR, has accommodated all types of parties, if it’s a 4th of July Party, we know that fireworks will most likely in going on during the party.  So maybe you may even want to video tape the event.  We also have video equipment and cameras available.  So be sure to take that into consideration when planning.

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Light Trussing

light trussing

Light Trussing for Rent

If you goal is to get special effects with lights, you may want to start with the 10′ I-Beam Truss with Tripod with Support Stands.  This Truss Beam features 2x steel Tripod stands and weighs about 140 lbs.  It has a crank  system which makes it very easy to crank up to the proper height. It is the ultimate mobile stand system making life on the road even easier.  All you have to do to set up the lights at arms reach, then easily use the crank up 2 system.   Crank-2 system up to 10 feet without having to struggle.  If you would like more information.

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Party Lighting Rentals

IEAVR Party Equipment Rentals

IEAVR Provides Party Lighting Rentals

Adding special party lights to your event, really can make a difference to the feel of the party. It can set the mood for what ever the event is.  Weddings can really take off when the dancing begins.  Everyone gets into the mood.

We have Pin Spots, LED Cans,  DJ Lighting, LED, 3D, Strobe Lights, Wash Lights, Moving Heads, Mirror Ball with Motor, Fog Storm, Bubble Machines, and all kinds of colored lights are available.

Even if you are planning a business special event,  party lights can be used to help send a message to the audience.  Spot lights on the guest speaker or audience participation, special lighting can really be helpful.

Whatever your event is, give Inland Empire Audio Video Rental Equipment a call,  we can give you a package price for your special event.

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DJ Equipment Rentals – American Audio Q-2422 PRO

American Dj Q2422  3 Channel Mixer RentalDJ Equipment for Rent at

If you are an experienced DJ, sometimes you have the need to get equipment in a hurry.  Don’t hesitate to call IEAVR for your back up equipment needs.  If you hare hosting a party, wedding or business event.  IEAVR will help you get everything organized, set up and become your back-up service.  Why pay full price for new equipment.  Rent it!

This product is a 3-channel rack mountable professional DJ mixer loaded with pro features.  You can plug in MP3 Players or satellite radio receivers, and independent pan and gain on each channel.  It has 2 zones outputs and trim output adjustment on the rear.  Improved mic circuitry, longer lasting line fader, and volume, treble and bass controls for each of its 2 mics inputs are additional refinements.

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Wireless Microphone Sytems

Wireless Microphone Rentals

INLAND EMPIRE AUDIO VIDEO EQUIPMENT RENTALS, provides wireless microphone systems for your special events.  If you are planning a wedding, business meeting, church events, convention presentations, recreational events, special venues, of just doing a DJ Party, we have all the equipment you need. 

The Wireless Shure Microphone System  has a powerful range, it’s rugged and exceed the demands of all a tough night on stage.  The Shure Wireless Microphone has clear sound beyond the limits of conventional wireless technology.

Call Josh Musgrave 619-865-7206 Presents a You Tube Video

Inland Empire Audio Video Rental Equipment intent with this video is to show you the various products and services we offer.  We especially like the use of the fireworks effects, they sort of look like sparkling lights bursting. Hope you enjoy it. We can provide your audio, video, equipment for all types of parties, including weddings, birthdays, special events, dance events, business meetings, church events, entertaining venues.  Give us a call for a custom quote. 619-865-7206

IEAVR Wishes You A Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Inland Empire Audio Video Equipment Rentals wishes you a prosperous New Year in 2013!

IEAVR is located in the Inland Empire, California. Serving Murrieta, Temecula, Lake Elsinore, Corona, Riverside, and Surrounding  Cities. Audio Video Speakers, Stage Lighting, DJ Equipment.

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