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About IEAVR is an affordable company that is dedicated to catering to our customer’s needs.  We have 25 years’ experience in assisting customers with audio & video equipment rentals, sales and event production.  We believe that meeting our customers’ needs helps to ensure a long-lasting business relationship.

IEAVR has a long successful history of retaining customers. Our repeat business is very important to our company’s objectives.  We will treat every account the same regardless of size.  Each customer we obtain is highly valued.

We hope that you will feel confident in doing business with our company.  Once you have placed orders with IEAVR we feel that you will see the difference between the way we facilitate rentals and the rest of the industry.

IEAVR will also make sure the highest quality rental equipment is delivered.  We offer the most competitive pricing and serve the entire Southern California region.  We will take extra measures to make sure that you are satisfied with your decision to use our services.

Please contact IEAVR to discover how we can meet your business objectives by providing the rental support services that you need. Once you have done business with us, we are confident that you will continue to work with IEAVR for years to come.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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