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Stage Lights Truss Rental Equipment

Stage Lights Truss EquipmentStage Lights Truss Rental Equipment Or Permanent Installation

You may want to rent Stage Lights and Truss Equipment for your special event.  A few of those events may be for parties, church stages, theaters, night clubs, trade show booths, exhibit displays,  school presentation or outdoor events.  Where ever you are making a presentation of visual and audio entertainment consult with an expert like Josh Musgrave.  He can help you make the event custom to your design and expectations.

Our Truss Systems come in a wide variety of shapes and designs.  Just ask, we can custom fit your truss design to fit your stage or presentation area.  One of the most popular designs is the Goal Post.  It is ideal for mobile or permanent application for backdrops and front stage lighting.  There are many styles and shapes available on the market, just give us an idea of what your are trying to accomplish and we will give you a custom quote.

There are all types of Truss Systems, including crank stands, clamps and accessories.  Truss Systems must meet our safety standards, therefore it must be well planned and only can our staff set up the truss system.  We install it and take it down for you.  All this in figured into our custom quotes.

If you are looking to do some renovating for a permanent truss equipment structure for a Church or Business call Josh Musgrave.  We are  able to sell and install a permanent  truss equipment  for your church stage or business location, we are licensed and insured.  If you need design ideas and customized structures, we are ready, willing and able.  The lighting system in a church sanctuary can be a major undertaking.  With all the various types of productions a church puts on,  you need a professional to help you decide on the design.  Josh Musgrave has over 18 years of experience, he can be of great assistance in this area.  Not only can he help you decide on the design, he will install it too!  He will oversee the job from start to finish.

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4th of July Parties

4th of July Parties and Events

4th of July PartiesIt’s not too late to plan that special party for the 4th of July.  We have all the speakers, microphones, amplifiers, DJ equipment you could want.  We will bring the equipment, set it up and test it for you.  Maybe you are planning a Karaoke style party?  We have all types of karaoke equipment for rent.

Any size of party we can accommodate.  If you are planning a special event with a large crowd then you may need a larger set of lighting truss and hardware equipment.  Just let us know how many people you plan on having attend your event.  We can then give a custom quote for your event. Depending if your event is inside or outside, sometimes can determine the amount of equipment you may need.  So take that into consideration for the big picture of cost and planning.

IEAVR, has accommodated all types of parties, if it’s a 4th of July Party, we know that fireworks will most likely in going on during the party.  So maybe you may even want to video tape the event.  We also have video equipment and cameras available.  So be sure to take that into consideration when planning.

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Light Trussing

light trussing

Light Trussing for Rent

If you goal is to get special effects with lights, you may want to start with the 10′ I-Beam Truss with Tripod with Support Stands.  This Truss Beam features 2x steel Tripod stands and weighs about 140 lbs.  It has a crank  system which makes it very easy to crank up to the proper height. It is the ultimate mobile stand system making life on the road even easier.  All you have to do to set up the lights at arms reach, then easily use the crank up 2 system.   Crank-2 system up to 10 feet without having to struggle.  If you would like more information.

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