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Inland Empire Audio Video Equipment Rentals

Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duo

Chauvet Intimidator Spot DuoChauvet Intimidator Sport Duo Features two fully and independently controllable moving heads mounted on a easy to rig bar. Slide it onto a tripod, clamp it to truss or set it on the floor.  This high performance duo is link-able with one other unit to create eye-catching synchronized shows.  Independent color and gobo wheels create numerous projections and mid-air effects, while DMX control allow for independent control of each head.  $40/day

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ADJ UV COB Cannon Led Rental

UV Party - Blacklight PartyADJ UV Cob Cannon Led LightADJ UV COB Cannon Led Rental Light

Our brightest UV light to make your next black-light event a night people will remember. Price $40. ea.

The UV COB Cannon is an LED Light Fixture from ADJ that offers powerful ultraviolet light production using state of the art COB LEDs and solid state electronics.  It creates wash lighting, pulse and strobe effects for any event needed.  Can operate in Sound Active, Manual and is fully DMX compatible.  If you are planning a black-light party,  give Josh Musgrave a call now and schedule a rental.

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Generators for Outdoor Events

Generators for Outdoor EventsGenerator Rentals

The Yamaha EF2800i Invertor Generator, provides 2000w of power for outdoor events..  This is a great generator for outdoor lighting systems, special events, entertainment events, weddings, concerts and any place where you need power for electrical lighting, sound systems and entertainment.

IEAVR offers this product for rent at the cost of $50. per day.

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QSC K Series Speakers

QSC K Series Speakers

QSC K Series Speakers is the new standard in lightweight powered loudspeaker systems. The K Series are constructed from ABS, the same material used in football helmets.  All models feature the same power module.  This is the “Best, Best, Best approach.  The main difference between models is coverage pattern and low end extension.  K10 and K12 make a great stage monitors.

We invite you to give us a call and discuss the options and quote we can make available to you for renting these great loud speakers for your special event. These are great speakers for outdoor movie nights or for indoor business meeting.

If you are the technical type who needs to know more about these QSC loudspeaker systems.  Take a listen to the manufacturer video from QSC.

Audio Video Equipment Rentals for Weddings

Wedding Party Audio Video Sound Equipment for RentAudio Video Equipment  for your Wedding

Inland Empire Audio Video Rentals provides all the equipment you need for your special wedding day.  You will need audio video equipment, you will need microphones, cabling, audio recording projector screens, lighting, and sound equipment, including PA system.  We have everything, no wedding too small or too large.

Chances are that you are going to have dancing and dining.  We can help you set the stage for the event.  We help with all the set-up and taking down.  We test the equipment before the event.  Weddings can be a little stressful for the bride and groom if they are doing all the work.  Give us a call to talk about all the equipment you will need we will help you make it a little less stressful.

You can also record this special event, using our camera recorders, microphones and sound equipment.  You will want to record this special event and make copies for families and friends.

Give Josh Musgrave a call for a custom quote.  He will give you all the details of what equipment you will need, and how he can help make your event very special.  Lights and sounds can really make all the difference and set the mood of this special day.

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Audio Video Lights Rentals

Audio Video Lights Rentals for Parties

party events need audio, video and lightingIt’s party season,  with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve on the way. Reserve your rental equipment now. We have all the audio, video and lighting equipment you need.  Check out our packages and equipment rental pages.  We just updated all our pricing and we can accommodate any size party you are planning. 

Many people have Halloween parties for their children or adults, we can help set the mood.  We have turn tables for DJ’s.  We have all kinds of special lighting and effects to help you give your Halloween party that special touch and how about some fog for the night.

If your company is planning a special Christmas party, we are here to help you decide on what equipment you need for that event.  But plan ahead and reserve your equipment in advance.  If your event is a large event or small, we can accommodate any size party.  Just let us know how many attendees and the size of your event and we can give you a written quote. 

Contact Josh Musgrave via phone or email.

Phone:  619-865-7206

AV Presentation Package

AV Presentation Package Rental

Presentation Package for RentalWe are providing a excellent deal on a Easy AV System for your presentation.  This package includes a projector, 5’x4′ projection screen and a wireless sound system.  It is so easy to set up and operate.  It’s very light in weight and compact.  It fits in a 4 door sedan.  This presentation package is great for home entertainment parties or business presentation meetings.

Rental Rates:

1 Day Price: $150.00

3 Days Price $ 200.00

1 Week Price $300.00

Includes :

1 x Epson 2000lum Projector VGA (Rental)

1 x 5′ x 4″ Projection Screen, Tripod Pulldown (Rental)

1 x Battery Powered Sound System & Wireless Mic (Rental)

It’s perfect for the AV Small Presentation.  Easy to set up and operate. 

Karaoke Birthday Parties

karaoke birthday partiesKaraoke Birthday Parties are now the fad for children.  That is great, because children learn so much from singing.  We know that children learn that music expresses their feelings and ideas.   In fact singing in one of the first experiences children have as creative and self-expressive beings.  If you have children, perhaps you remember that they often sing before they speak.  A child will sing a story while looking at the pictures in a book before they can even read. Children really enjoy singing.

Singing teaches much more than music alone.  When a child sings, they develop listening and cooperative skills, coordination of the tongue and lips, gross and fine motor skills,  self -control, concentration skills and memory.  Singing develops a child’s sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.  Why not encourage it!  You will enjoy it and so will your children.

To learn more about music and what kind of influence it can have on your children. They can get a true education in music, visit:  Rice Edu

If you are having a birthday party, then use the Karaoke Party idea.  Your kids will love it.  Everyone can sing and enjoy the show. IEAVR has all kinds of Karaoke equipment, speakers and strobe lights.  Who knows maybe you may develop a new rock star.

For equipment rentals,  call Josh Musgrave:  619-865-7206

Holiday You Tube Video

Holiday Parties

It’s time for Christmas Holiday Parties.

holiday party at homeWe have all the equipment you could want to make your party a fun time with lights, audio, video, cameras and turn tables.  We are really getting into the mood.  We even made a video for you to view.  Having a Christmas Party or New Years Party can be fun when you have all the great music and lights to keep the mood going for dancing.   The family can join in too.  Kids will love hearing the old favorite songs.  Family will be all smiles and maybe we can even do some KARAOKE singing.  Let’s Do It,  Let’s Party.

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