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AV Presentation Package Rental

Presentation Package for RentalWe are providing a excellent deal on a Easy AV System for your presentation.  This package includes a projector, 5’x4′ projection screen and a wireless sound system.  It is so easy to set up and operate.  It’s very light in weight and compact.  It fits in a 4 door sedan.  This presentation package is great for home entertainment parties or business presentation meetings.

Rental Rates:

1 Day Price: $150.00

3 Days Price $ 200.00

1 Week Price $300.00

Includes :

1 x Epson 2000lum Projector VGA (Rental)

1 x 5′ x 4″ Projection Screen, Tripod Pulldown (Rental)

1 x Battery Powered Sound System & Wireless Mic (Rental)

It’s perfect for the AV Small Presentation.  Easy to set up and operate.