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Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rental List(Please call for special multi-day pricing.)

Audio Packages

Mackie iPod Sound System (1-200 People): 450 watt Powered Speakers w/Stands (2), Mixer (1), Wired Mic (1) $100.00/day.

Mackie iPod Sound System with Shure ULXP Wireless Mic (1-200 People): 450 watt Powered Speakers w/Stands (2), Mixer (1), Shure ULXP Wireless Mic $150.00/day

Complete DJ System: 15″ Powered Speakers w/Stands (2), CD Players (2), Mixer (1), Wired Mic (1), MP3/Laptop Connection Cable (1)  $140.00/day

IEAVR rents Mackie Sound Equipment 
Wired Microphones

Shure SM57 $10.00/day

Shure SM58 $10.00/day

Shure Beta58 $15.00/day

Shure SM81 $25.00/day

Shure Beta98 $20.00/day

Shure Beta52 $25.00/day

Sennheiser E604 $25.00/day

Sennheiser MD421 $30.00/day

AKG D112 $25.00/day

Audio-Technica  7-Piece Drum Microphone Set $35.00/day

Mic Stands: Table, Floor or Boom, Roundbase or Tripod $2.00/day

 Wireless Microphones

Shure QLX-D Wireless Microphone System (Handheld, Lavalier, or Headset) $50.00/day

Add Countryman for additional $25.00/day


Non-Powered Speakers (Priced per pair)

JBL JRX112M Full Range Speakers $30.00/day

JBL JRX115 Full Range Speakers $50.00/day

JBL Dual 18” Subs $100.00/day

Speaker Stands $5.00 daily

Electrovoice QRX Series – Call for pricing

IEAVR Offers JBL Equipment Rentals

Powered Speakers (Priced ea.)

JBL EON 615,  Powered Full Range Speaker $35.00/day

Mackie SRM450 v2 Powered Full Range Speaker $40.00/day

Mackie SRM1801 Powered Sub $50.00/day

JBL PRX615M Powered Full Range Speaker $50.00/day

JBL PRX625 Powered Full Range Speaker $60.00/day

JBL PRX618S-XLF Powered Sub $60.00/day

QSC K8 $30.00/day

QSC K10 $35.00/day

QSC K12 $40.00/day

QSC KLA12 $60.00 ea

QSC K-Sub $50.00/day

QSC KW181 $50.00/day

Speaker Stands $5.00 daily

IEAVR has American Audio Speakers for Rent



Crown XLS1000 $25.00/day

QSC PLX3002 $40.00/day

QSC PLX3402 $50.00/day

Crown XTI4002 $40.00/day

Crown XTI6002 $60.00/day

IEAVR offering Crown and QSC Amplifiers


Powered Audio Mixer

Yamaha EMX620 $35.00/day

Mackie PPM1008 $50.00/day


Audio Mixers

Mackie 402VLZ3 $15.00/day

Mackie 802VLZ3 $20.00/day

Behringer Xenyx 1202FX $20.00/day

Behringer X32 32 Channel Digital Mixer – $175.00/day

Mackie 1402VLZ3 $25.00/day

Mackie CFX12 $30.00/day

Mackie CFX16  $40.00/day

Mackie CFX20 $50.00/day

Mackie Onyx 24-4 $120.00/day

Midas Venice 320 $150.00/day

Large Format Mixing Consoles – Call for Pricing & Availability

IEAVR offering Yamaha and Mackie Powered Audio Mixer

Auxiliary Audio Equipment

Tascam MD-CD1, CD & Minidisc Combo, $40.00 ea

DBX 266 XL Compressor / Gate $15.00/day

Klark Teknik DN540 Quad Compressor $50.00/day

PreSonus ACP88 Compressor / Limiter / Gate $75.00/day

DBX 2231 Dual 31 Band EQ $30.00/day

Klark Teknik DN360B Dual 31 EQ $50.00/day

Single Disc Tabletop CD Player $18.00/day

Tascam 112: Single Deck Stereo Recorder / Player $30.00 day

Tascam CD-RW 700 Recorder / Player: CD Recorder for recording Meetings and Performances



Whirlwind 15’ 6ch Sub-Snake $15.00/day

Whirlwind 100′ 16×4 Snake $40.00/day

DJ Equipment

American DJ Dual CD Player $25.00/day

American DJ Q2422 3 Channel Mixer $20.00/day

Pioneer DJM800 Mixer $75.00/day

Pioneer CDJ2000 CD Player $75/day

Pioneer CDJ1000 MK3 CD Players $40.00/day

Rane TTM57 w/Serato $75.00/day

Technics SL 1200 MK3 Turntables $100.00 pair/day

Technics Turntables for rent at IEAVR.com

LED Lighting Packages

ADJ LED Stage Wash Light Package: Light Tree (1), Par 64 LED Cans (4) Controller (1),


Party Light Package: Light Tree (1), Vertigo LED (2), Mystic LED (1), Revo IV LED (1) & Fog Machine



Lighting & Effects Equipment

EZPIN LED Pin Spots (6Pack) $40.00/day

ADJ Wifly QA5 LED battery Powered Uplight, $20. ea

American DJ Vertigo Tri-LED $20.00/day

American DJ Quad Gem LED $20.00/day

American DJ Mystic LED $25.00/day

American DJ Revo IV LED $25.00/day

American DJ Galaxian 3D Red/Green Laser $30.00/day

American DJ Galaxian Royale Purple/Green Laser $30.00/day

American DJ Mega Strobe Light $15.00/day

American DJ Punch LED Wash Light $25.00/day

American DJ Ultrabar RGB LED Light $25.00/day

American DJ Vizi Spot 5R Moving Head $75.00/day

American DJ Jelly Dome (mirror ball effect) $25.00/day

American DJ Fogstorm 700 $15.00/day

American DJ Haze Generator $40.00/day

American DJ BU-400, High Output Bubble Machine $25.00/day

Chauvet Follow-Spot 400g $40.00/day

Chauvet SWARM 5FX, $30.00/day

Lighting Controllers and Dimmer Packs

American DJ 8 Channel Manual Controller with Switcher Pack $20.00/day

American DJ Show Designer DMX Controller  $75.00/day

American DJ DMX Digital Dimmers: 2,400 x 8   $40.00/day


Light Trussing and Hardware

10′ I-Beam Truss with Tripod Support Stands $20.00/day

Global Truss ST-180 Heavy Duty Crank Stands: Height up to 16′ $150.00/day

Global Triangle Truss – Call for Pricing

Global Square Truss – Call for Pricing


Multimedia Projection

Epson EX7200 LCD Projector w/HDMI input $50.00/day

7500 Lumen LCD Projector, $400 / day


Projection Screens

4’x5′ Tripod Screen $15.00/day

Da-Lite Insta-Theater 5’x5’ Pop Up Screen $20.00/day

Da-Lite 8’x8′ Fast-Fold Screen $50.00/day

Da-Lite 7’x10′ Rear/Front Projection Aluminum Frame Screen $ 100.00/day

Dress Kit for Da-Lite 7’x10′  $50.00/day


Professional Video Camcorders & Cameras

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX150 18.2 Mega Pixel Digital Camera $25.00/day

Sony HDR-CX580V Mini Camcorder $150.00/day

Panasonic HD AG-HMC80 Camcorder $250.00/day

Tri-pod Camera Stand $15.00/day

IEAVR offers Sony and HP equipment for presentation events

Technology / Presentation

Laptop Rentals: Please call for model availability $75.00/day

Samsung Color Laser Printer $95.00/day

HP Wireless Printer: Printer / Fax / Copier / Scanner $45.00/day

Wireless Presentation Mouse with Laser Pointer $20.00/day

Wireless Mouse $5.00/day

Powered USB Splitter: Four Way $10.00/day

Flash Drive (Thumb Drive): 1 GB $5.00/day

Flip Chart Stand: Paper Pad and Color Markers included $20.00/day

White Board 2′ x 3′: Color Dry Erase Markers and Eraser included $20.00/day

Pipe & Drape: Pleated Velour Drape up to 16′ High (Priced per linear foot) – Call for Pricing

Generator: 2400 Watt Portable Generator $100.00/day

Party Tent: 10′ x10′ Easy Up Tent $20.00/day


Podium / Lectern

Carpeted Folding Podium, $50.00 ea

Mahogany Floor Podium: With Goose Neck Attachment $95.00/day

Mahogany Table Top Podium: With Goose Neck Attachment $50.00/day