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karaoke birthday partiesKaraoke Birthday Parties are now the fad for children.  That is great, because children learn so much from singing.  We know that children learn that music expresses their feelings and ideas.   In fact singing in one of the first experiences children have as creative and self-expressive beings.  If you have children, perhaps you remember that they often sing before they speak.  A child will sing a story while looking at the pictures in a book before they can even read. Children really enjoy singing.

Singing teaches much more than music alone.  When a child sings, they develop listening and cooperative skills, coordination of the tongue and lips, gross and fine motor skills,  self -control, concentration skills and memory.  Singing develops a child’s sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.  Why not encourage it!  You will enjoy it and so will your children.

To learn more about music and what kind of influence it can have on your children. They can get a true education in music, visit:  Rice Edu

If you are having a birthday party, then use the Karaoke Party idea.  Your kids will love it.  Everyone can sing and enjoy the show. IEAVR has all kinds of Karaoke equipment, speakers and strobe lights.  Who knows maybe you may develop a new rock star.

For equipment rentals,  call Josh Musgrave:  619-865-7206