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QSC K Series Speakers

QSC K Series Speakers

QSC K Series Speakers is the new standard in lightweight powered loudspeaker systems. The K Series are constructed from ABS, the same material used in football helmets.  All models feature the same power module.  This is the “Best, Best, Best approach.  The main difference between models is coverage pattern and low end extension.  K10 and K12 make a great stage monitors.

We invite you to give us a call and discuss the options and quote we can make available to you for renting these great loud speakers for your special event. These are great speakers for outdoor movie nights or for indoor business meeting.

If you are the technical type who needs to know more about these QSC loudspeaker systems.  Take a listen to the manufacturer video from QSC.

Audio Video Equipment Rentals for Weddings

Wedding Party Audio Video Sound Equipment for RentAudio Video Equipment  for your Wedding

Inland Empire Audio Video Rentals provides all the equipment you need for your special wedding day.  You will need audio video equipment, you will need microphones, cabling, audio recording projector screens, lighting, and sound equipment, including PA system.  We have everything, no wedding too small or too large.

Chances are that you are going to have dancing and dining.  We can help you set the stage for the event.  We help with all the set-up and taking down.  We test the equipment before the event.  Weddings can be a little stressful for the bride and groom if they are doing all the work.  Give us a call to talk about all the equipment you will need we will help you make it a little less stressful.

You can also record this special event, using our camera recorders, microphones and sound equipment.  You will want to record this special event and make copies for families and friends.

Give Josh Musgrave a call for a custom quote.  He will give you all the details of what equipment you will need, and how he can help make your event very special.  Lights and sounds can really make all the difference and set the mood of this special day.

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JBL EON 515 XT Powered Full Range Speakers

JBL EON 515 XT Powered Full Range Speakers

These are Powered Full Range Speakers, light weight, with heavy sound and power.  You can rent them for the following applications:

  • Live sound reinforcement for speech and vocals (presenters, singers, or entertainers, and teachers.
  • Music playback for entertainment, A/V, and , institutional venues (DJ’s Audio Video uses, houses of worship, nightclubs or social organizations, wedding parties, business meetings.
  • Amplification for musical instruments (electronic keyboards, acoustic guitars and basses, brass and woodwinds, percussion)

JBL EON 515XT Powered Speakers


The EON 515xT’s on board mixer is perfectly suited to accommodate multiple input sources simultaneously.  With 2 1/4″ TRS Phone jacks and 1 Neutrix combination jack that accepts an XLR or 1/4″ TRS Phone plug, the mixer is capable of blending 3 discrete sources like a stereo keyboard and microphone or a CD?MP# player and a microphone.  The EON 515XT features a loop-through for routing the signal to another destination like an additional EON powered speaker, a recording device, or another mixer.  With its global Bass and Treble controls, you can also tailor the sound to fit your unique needs.

EON 515XT represents the natural evolution of a product whose creators have been advancing the state of the art in professional audio for more than 60 years.  With close to 1 million EON speakers in the world.  JBL is noted as one of the best speakers manufacturers in the world.




  • Intuitive on board 3 – channel mixer
  • User adjustable Bass and Treble controls
  • Efficient Crown Class-D amplifier technology
  • 625w high-performance powered speakers system
  • True portability
  • Multiple handles with comfort rubber grips for easy transport
  • Highly designed composite enclosures for durability, lightweight, and precise acoustic performance
  • Multi-angle enclosure for main PA or floor monitor applications
  • Integrated 36mm pole-mount socket with stabilizing securing screw
  • Integrated M10 suspension points for easy fixed installation
  • 100 H x 60V asymmetrical wave guide for uniform audience coverage
  • 15″ differential drive low-frequency driver with neodymium magnet for low-distortion and lighter weight
  • 1″ throat diameter next generation JBL neodymium compression driver
  • Line level and direct microphone input capability
  • Unique Mix/Loop signal low function for extended system application
  • Easy dairy-chain connections for extending the system

IEAVR provide the best in rental equipment.  You will enjoy these speakers.

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JBL PRX625 Dual 15″ 2-Way Active Powered PA Speakers 1500W

JBL PRX625 Dual 15' 2-way Active Powered PA Speaker 1500 W

JBL PRX625 Dual 15″ 2-Way Active Powered PA Speakers 1500W

If a simple set-up is required and full bandwidth output at high levels is a must, then the PRX625 is most likely the optimum solution. With the same foot print as the PRX515M, the dual 15″ woofer design creates enough low frequency content to serve most live music or music playback situations.

For live music, recorded music playback and speech the user has the option of tailoring the EQ, ‘flat’ for speech intelligibility and ‘boost’ for enhanced bass and crisp highs in recorded music playback. A microphone can be directly connected to the speaker input for quick on-the-fly PA applications.

The PRX625 is a self-powered, lightweight two-way loudspeaker system capable of delivering a very high level of performance over a broad bandwidth.

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